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Demi Moore Pledges to Free 1 Million Slaves. Blogger Pledges to Track her Progress

Posted by danishova on January 31, 2009

Wow. This is like so inspiring!  All the pledges are great (I liked Mike Tyson’s pledge to show love to strangers and think we can trust him to wear a condom) but I liked Demi’s the best. Here’s what she said:

I pledge to free 1 million people from slavery in the next 5 years.

Here’s an open letter to Demi:

Dear Demi,

Your pledge was such an inspiration to me!

I pledge to insure that your pledge is recognized all over the world. Therefore, I am volunteering my time to track the progress of your pledge to free 1 million people from slavery.

Every time you free a slave, please send me an email with their name, gender, and their country or state of origin. I’d also love to get photos and an account of how you freed each slave. If you know their sexual orientation, that would be cool info too. If you’re too busy, ask your personal assistants to help, okay?

This will be soooh fun to watch. Hey! Maybe other celebrities will be inspired to match your pledge, kinda like a corporate donation.  If you hear about any matches, let me know and I’ll add them too!   Maybe I should start a matchmaking site like, e freed slave harmony dot com. Just kidding!

Demi, I know Hollywood stars aren’t making much money right now and you’ll be even poorer after you do the patriotic thing and donate nearly half your income to the U.S. Treasury. But, maybe you can make this into a movie and make gazillions.  Can I be in it too? Hint Hint ;) I look cute in a bathing suit like you, but I’m too shy to appear naked on the cover of Vanity Fair, so don’t ask me to do that, okay?

Your pledge-comrade,


P.S.  I know that you also pledged to be a “servant” to President Obama, but that’s waay too personal, so I won’t invade your privacy by asking for details about how you’ve served him.  Besides, Ashton and the First Lady might get jealous, especially if you wear a maid’s outfit. Just let me know about the freed slaves!   Say “Hi!” to Aston. Let us know if he helps you free any slaves. You both deserve all the recognition you can get.


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