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Crooks and Liars Uncovers RNC Radio Scandal

Posted by danishova on February 8, 2009

OOOOOH!  Check out this post:

Please take a look at the RNC website – http://www.rnc.org/ On the right hand side is a link that goes to a list of all of the right wing radio shows, along with a plea to promote the RNC. The Bush administration was constantly denying that talk radio was just another arm of their party. The RNC seems to have given up this pretense. It was blatant government propaganda for eight years. Sickening!

Is there any doubt that Rush Limbaugh rules the GOP? Michael Steele has to beg for help from wingnut talk radio. How embarrassing.

And Alan Colmes demands to know, Is Right-Wing Radio The PR Arm Of The GOP?

How dare the RNC ask people to call talk radio?  This is one of the most stomach turning things I’ve ever read!  Some of the things the scandal-free Democratic National Committee asks you to do is write a letter to the editor (they give helpful hints about what to write about), give one of those House Parties I never get invited to,  create a fundraising page so you can “leverage your friends, family and contacts into a powerful network of support for our common values and goals”, or better yet, become a “bondholder” and purchase Democracy Bonds, which should make you feel extra patriotic.  (Hey! I wonder if Obama is going to send some Democracy Bonds to Collins, Snowe and Specter whom he praised as “patriots” for not creating a distraction from the Obama Agenda and agreeing to vote for the Stimulus Spending Spree Package?)

Media Matters has lots of requests for its readers, including a “calling tool” so you can call your local radio station and tell them what you think about “Michael Savage’s hate speech and racist comments” . You can also call NBC to complain about Ann Coulter, call CNN to complain about Lou Dobbs, and so forth.

All of that is fine of course, but what the RNC is doing by asking people to call talk radio is just so wrong.


I’ve been reading some of the fascinating comments from C&L’s loyal readers. I thought it would be cool to feature some of their brilliant observations. This is my top comment pick du jour:

Why is this legal?

Isn’t there some grounds for an FCC complaint here? The airwaves belong to the public and are only licensed to private operators. If the stations actively promote one political party over another, to the point of participating in fundraising, isn’t that a blatant conflict with the public purpose of diverse, democratic broadcasting?

Obvious point, I know, but why is this sort of thing allowed? How can a political party colonize and co-opt the public airwaves and not suffer any consequences?

You tell ’em Canuck! You Canadians are so much smarter than we ignorant Americans. You are so right to say that there’s a  “public purpose of diverse, democratic broadcasting”! That’s right, it’s supposed to be Democrats who colonize broadcasting, not Republican or Conservatives.

And clearly if someone suggests that you call a radio station then that is a conspiracy to commit fund raising, which is like so illegal.

One of these days we’ll have a Human Rights Commission like you Canadians have, so we can put these radio stations and their corporate overlords on trial for their disgusting hate speech and stuff.

No justice, no peace!


2 Responses to “Crooks and Liars Uncovers RNC Radio Scandal”

  1. jaime said

    Good post.

    My first time here. Looks like about once a week will keep me up to date, no?

  2. NotwithoutmyPants said

    Vrooks and Liars are Stupid idiots i mean how dare the Ebil GOP call Rush for his opinions

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