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Newsweek says we are all socialists now; Wrong image used for cover?

Posted by danishova on February 9, 2009

The February 16, 2009 issue of Newsweek is celebrating that We are all socialists now and uses this image of a handshake to illustrate their cover.

I have to wonder if Newsweek’s editors made an error. Shouldn’t this image  have been used instead?


After all, the raised fist has long been used as “a symbol of solidarity and strength”.  Wiki tell us:

The fist may represent union, as “many weak fingers can come together to create a strong fist”, and is also used to express solidarity, generally with oppressed peoples.

Doesn’t that describe what is happening in America now much more accurately than a handshake?  Moreover, the rays of sun behind the red fist is reminiscent of this delightful image of Mao’s rising sun:


Which must have been used as inspiration for this image of Barack Obama:


Which also reminds me of this symbol used by the Obama campaign:


Since Obama is our President now, and Newsweek is so happy that we are all socialists now,  shouldn’t Newsweek be honoring him by using symbolic imagery from the great Socialist and Communist movements from the past?

Indeed, the current edition of  International Socialists Review gets it right with their cover:


Shame on Newsweek for getting this so wrong!

By the way, if Barack is looking for something nice to get Michelle for Valentine’s Day, may I suggest this charming image of a fist holding a rose, which can be used to make stickers?:


The First Lady, Barack, and their children would have a blast plastering these all over the White House and on the girl’s notebooks!  Hey! Maybe Barack should have this made into a lapel pin in celebration of all the hope and change and Socialism he is delivering to the American people.


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