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Brits Mull Plans to Limit Air Travel and Save the Planet

Posted by danishova on February 10, 2009

The UK’s so-called "environment czar" last week raised the possibility of rationing air travel, limiting UK citizens to just a few vacation trips abroad by air per year in order to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide emissions.

Adair Turner, chairman of the independent Committee on Climate Change that advises UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, made the proposal before Parliament’s Environmental Audit Select Committee on Feb. 5. In remarks widely reported by UK media, Turner said, "We will have to constrain demand in an absolute sense with people not allowed to make as many journeys as they could in an unconstrained manner."

Restricting air travel makes sense to me!  After all, we just learned that global warming causes mental illness and leads to a dreadful psychosis officially classified as "climate change delusion".  How’s this for a scary thought?:

Climate change is expected to create about 200 million environmental refugees by 2050, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the international body established within the United Nations to evaluate causes and consequences of global warming.

It goes on to predict:

"It’s not all trauma," said Carol North, a psychiatrist who runs the trauma and disaster program at the Dallas VA Medical Center. "Some of it’s a quiet decline of quality of life."

Indeed, climate change may eventually deplete natural resources, make it more difficult for people to live off the land, and disrupt the global food supply.

"That will mean declining socioeconomic status and quality of life across the world," North said, and "depression, demoralization, disillusionment."

In India and Australia, where severe droughts have already taken a toll on agriculture, researchers have noted an uptick in suicides among farmers.

On the other side of the globe, the changing Arctic climate is expected to make hunting and fishing far more difficult for the people who live there. The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment says that such changes threaten Inuit culture, and that increases in domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide may result.

Yikes! Reading that gloomy prediction left me feeling kinda worried there for a second, but then I remembered that we are all socialists now. Dumping capitalism will prevent a decline in our socio-economic status.  High taxes and limits to personal freedom have been proven time and again to lead to a happier, more prosperous lifestyle. Freedom is slavery, so good riddance to all of that!

Anyhoo, back to air-travel. This issue came up in 2007 when Tony Blair was Prime Minister, when he stubbornly defied the Global Warming experts at Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, and refused to save the planet and cut down on his air travel or demand that British citizen follow similar restrictions – a predictable response from George Bush’s puppet.

However, it’s a new dawn, a new day, change and hope are in the air, and Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister now. Between him and President Obama, our future looks bright.



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