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I can’t wait until June when I get my $1.09 a day tax credit!

Posted by danishova on February 12, 2009

It’s not as much as Barack promised during the campaign, but, as he tells us so often -  we can’t allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good:

[The tax breaks in the bill] includes Obama’s signature "Making Work Pay" tax credit for 95 percent of workers, though negotiators agreed to trim the credit to $400 a year instead of $500 — or $800 for married couples, cut from Obama’s original proposal of $1,000. It would begin showing up in most workers’ paychecks in June as an extra $13 a week in take-home pay, falling to about $8 a week next January.

Remember, Michelle Obama laughed at the Bush tax rebates:

Mrs. Obama said in Pontiac, Michigan, Wednesday that if her husband is elected he will offer more than a "quick fix" on the economy.

"You’re getting $600 – what can you do with that? Not to be ungrateful or anything, but maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn’t pay down every bill every month," she said. "The short-term quick fix kinda stuff sounds good, and it may even feel good that first month when you get that check, and then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings."

Michelle and Barack Obama are so smart.  Unlike Bush’s short-term fix, Barack won’t send silly lump sum checks to us; he’ll let us have more in our paycheck every single week!  I’m married, so thanks to Barack’s plan, that’s $15.38 a week; $7.69 for me and $7.69 for my husband – which works out to $1.09 a day for each of us.  Woo hoo!

I have been longing to buy luxuries like candy and gum and now I’ll be free to do it. I better not get too used to this extravagance though, because come January of 2010 the amount will be reduced to about $8.00 a week and I’ll have to sacrifice once again, just like our President has asked us to do.  Being a patriot rocks!

As for our kid – sorry champ, you’ll just have to do without.  But don’t despair, son, you’ll be a taxpayer soon and if you’re lucky, you too will receive such generous largess. Just remember- Vote Democratic!

Thank you Barack!!!  

Happy Days Are Here Again.




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