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California to proceed with layoffs; press struggling to report the correct numbers

Posted by danishova on February 17, 2009

We have this from the Los Angeles Times:

Legislature adjourns with no budget; governor prepares to lay off 10,000

Reporting from Sacramento — With lawmakers still unable to deliver a budget after three days of intense negotiations, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger prepared to lay off 10,000 government workers and his administration said it would halt the last 275 state-funded public works projects still in operation.

Yet we get this report from Reuters:

With no budget, California to cut 20,000 state jobs

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – California, which is on the brink of running out of cash, will notify 20,000 state workers on Tuesday their jobs may be eliminated, a spokesman for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Monday.

Perhaps these news organizations are struggling with paying their phone bills. In more prosperous times they would have been able to call the Governor’s office and get a clarification but now everyone’s broke and thus relying on two tin cans and a piece of string to communicate. Who can blame them for getting a muddled message under such trying circumstances? 


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