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Barack Obama: Universal pre-K the solution to America’s ills

Posted by danishova on March 11, 2009

Mr. Obama noted that the recently enacted stimulus package called for spending some $5 billion on the Early Head Start and Head Start programs — an investment that he said would be rewarded by lower welfare rolls, fewer health care costs and less crime, as well as better classroom performance. He said he would ask Congress to finance a program that would provide grants to states that improve their early childhood programs.

Riiight. Because getting 3 year olds into government schools, funded by taxpayers will work some crazy Utopian magic.  It’s working so well in his hometown of Chicago, dontcha know:

Here are the search results for Head Start programs in Chicago.  Note the handy dandy Google map.

Here is a  map of Crime in Chicago which is updated daily.

Eventually we’ll be told that we need taxpayer-funded government intervention for babies from birth. Oh wait!  Barack has this idea in the works already, with his “Zero to Five” plan for “A Pre-school Agenda that Begins at Birth”. Great way to push “personal responsibility”, Barack!   Come to think of it, I wonder what his definition of “zero” is.



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