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And the winner of the DNC’s stick it to Rush Limbaugh Billboard Contest is…

Posted by danishova on March 12, 2009

How freaking lame is this?

More than 80,000 suggestions for an anti-Rush Limbaugh slogan were emailed to the Democratic National Committee in the past week. The DNC will announce today the winning slogan which will be placed on a billboard in the radio host’s hometown.

Jimmy Orr of the C.S. Monitor writes:

Setting a world record today for beating a dead horse, the Democratic National Committee will announce they’ve selected an anti-Rush Limbaugh slogan to be placed on a billboard in the radio host’s hometown.

The DNC began soliciting slogans a week ago in response to Limbaugh’s well-known statement that he wants President Obama to fail.

“If you’re anything like me, then you’ve had the urge to talk back to a right-wing talk radio host more than a few times. Now you can,” reads an email blast from the executive director of the DNC. “Can you help us come up with a message for Rush that we’ll place on a billboard right in his hometown?”

How can Rush compete with such brilliantly conceived brainstorms thought-showers?  If I may use a different animal analogy than a “dead horse”, Rush will cower like a beaten dog with his tail beneath his legs as he is confronted with this devastating Billboard message, with the winning slogan (drum roll, please):

“Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure.”

Really? Coulda fooled me.  That may or may not have been their intention, but I think it’s safe to say that things aren’t working out too well in the competency department for Obama.  I’m just sad that I didn’t get to participate in this contest, cause I would have submitted this slogan from James “I hope Bush fails” Carville:

"Use everything as an excuse to dig, drill, and burn."


2 Responses to “And the winner of the DNC’s stick it to Rush Limbaugh Billboard Contest is…”

  1. MiHi said

    I’m the one who submitted the “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION FOR AMERICA’S FUTURE” line, because I felt that it would help resonate with the Floridians, who no doubt are fond of NASA. I also wanted to at least try to use my brain and think of something more original than some grade-school pun with “Rush” hamfistedly shoved into it.

    I was surprised and hopeful when I learned that my slogan made it into the top 5. I mean, the other four were just lame “Rush” puns, right?

    And then this happened.


    The sting of losing doesn’t hurt so much when I take into account thatt he DNC also was a diehard Hillary backer during the ’08 campaign, even when it became obvious to everyone else that Obama was the one that we wanted to win the nomination.

    Yeahyeah. Sour grapes. W/E

  2. danishova said

    Failure is not an option for America’s future. That’s a good slogan. Why is it you support Obama again?

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