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Wikileaks exposes hacked info on 51,641 Coleman donors… asks for donations to support their good deeds

Posted by danishova on March 12, 2009

Perhaps their motto should be Balls ‘R’ Us.  Yesterday we learned that the oh so brave whistleblowers at Wikileaks had acted heroically by releasing personal info on Senator Norm Coleman’s donors:

March 11, 2009 (Computerworld) In a brewing controversy, whistle-blower site Wikileaks.org has published personal information belonging to more than 51,000 donors and supporters of former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman that it says were leaked because the Minnesota Republican’s campaign Web site was not properly secured.

The information posted by Wikileaks, which has been at the center of controversy before, included the names, street addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and, in the case of 4,721 individuals, the last four digits of their credit card numbers.

Now they’re asking for donations, presumably so they can release private donor info on more innocent victims in the future:

Wikileaks contribution drive: Our next formal funding is not due until September. Help us raise the $80k needed to keep us online.

To contribute in other ways (cheque, major server capacity, staff lawyers etc), send email to wl-supporters@sunshinepress.org

Wikileaks is a non-profit project, sponsored by transparency groups and investigative journalists world wide. Records will appear as donations@sunshinepress.org

They go on to say:

Have documents the world needs to see?

We help you safely get the truth out.

We are of assistance to peoples of all countries who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and institutions. We aim for maximum political impact.

Finally they make this bald-faced lie:

Disclosed documents are classified, censored or otherwise opaque to the public record. We rely on readers to alert their communities and press to the revelations here. Go to it!

Riiight. Scroll down and readers get the links to the “opaque” , “censored”, and “classified” info.  Gosh, I think they deserve a Nobel Prize for all this journalistic heroism.  Ideally, those responsible would receive their award while rotting in prison -  although come to think of it,  if that occurred they’d immediately announce they were just like, say, Nelson Mandela.

Note the original whistleblower’s ballsy justification of their actions in their letter to Wikileaks:


The attached files comprise a snapshot of the website database of the Norm Coleman campaign as of January 28, 2009. The database was exposed by the incompetence of Coleman’s website personnel, making the information public for a period of time.

The fact that this database was improperly exposed by Norm Coleman’s own staff, can be verified here: butyoureagirl.com/2009/01/28/did-norm-


We don’t need a psychic to know that this person is a Franken supporter. Here’s the great big clue that the whistle blower is not a disinterested party:

That said, I feel it is very important that the actual database be provided to a trusted media liaison, for several reasons:

A) The Coleman campaign’s effort to impugn the election processes in the State of Minnesota have gone beyond mere political rigor into partisan malfeasance of the sort that has plagued this country for the past eight years, to the benefit of nobody and the great detriment of the citizens of this State;

It then goes on to document alleged errors made by the Coleman campaign, but clearly this whistleblower is a fake, phony, fraud for pretending that they are doing this in the public interest.  If they really cared about this private info being exposed they could have contacted the F.B.I. and the Coleman campaign, or a reputable “trusted media liaison”  – which does not describe Wikileaks.


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