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Obama has 5 pastors

Posted by danishova on March 14, 2009

On the heels of a McClatchy story, “Nearly a year later, Obamas still looking for a church home” (h/t Allapundit), WaPo reports:

President Obama has been without a pastor or a home church ever since he cut his ties to the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. in the heat of the presidential campaign. But he has quietly cultivated a handful of evangelical pastors for private prayer sessions on the telephone and for discussions on the role of religion in politics.

I thought the dial-in religion bit was a little weird, but what really caught my eye was this statement about what the 5 share in common:

These are all centrist, social justice guys,” said the Rev. Eugene F. Rivers, a politically active pastor of Azusa Community Church in Boston, who knows all of them but is not part of the president’s prayer caucus. “Obama genuinely comes out of the social justice wing of the church. That’s real. The community organizing stuff is real.”

Since when is “social justice” a “centrist” ideology?  It’s right out of the Communist Party playbook, as is “Community Organizing”.  The website of the CPUSA reminds us:

Our history is steeled in struggles for peace, civil rights, union organizing, social justice, and democracy. Our over eighty years of struggle has taught us hard lessons about how to organize for change, about what works and what doesn’t, about the essential needs for unity, for collectivity, for basing ourselves in reality, for never substituting our wishes for a sober estimate of where the working class and people of our country are at.

Front Page magazine explains how Social Justice is a code word for Communism. And they know their Communists over at Front Page, oh yes indeedy!

They organize for change too – just like Barack! How sweet.


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