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If it’s March, it must be time for Obama Teleprompter Madness

Posted by danishova on March 20, 2009


You think March Madness is crazy?  We’ve got Obama’s Teleprompter Madness …gone wild.

It all began when Rush Limbaugh conducted the first interview with Obama’s teleprompter.   Well, to be fair, it all began when Obama developed a sad case of Teleprompter Addiction Disease and couldn’t even conduct a press conference without it.   Anyhoo,  the next thing we know, Barack Obama’s teleprompter  has his own blog (“Because There Is No POTUS Without TOTUS”)…

…*With his own Presidential seal (TOTUS)

…and his own Shepherd Fairey-esque poster

Now Teleprompter Madness goes wild with Photoshop.

From Therightscoop (hat tip: Hot Air headlines):

Obama walks on water with Imperial scepter:


Obama dances with himself:


Hot Air commenter, Peterft weighs in with…

Empty Suit Obama with teleprompter:


Stay tuned for updates, because there is no end to Obama Teleprompter Madness…

Yeah, baby. From Ace:

(h/t Hot Air Headlines)

*Cyrano de Teleprompter:


Teleprompter Madness has reached the Tea Parties:

Lake Eola Park, Orlando, Florida March 21, 2009:


From R.B.O.

Teleprompter cartoons:

New cartoons! Found here.

From Roscoe Karns:

*Yes I’ll Hold:

Michelle Malkin delivers more teleprompter madness here.

fromthepen presents:

No title necessary:

fromthepen also features this cute new addition:

*Obama Buys Swing Set For His Teleprompter:

From Doug Ross:

*Obama shoots hoops after Leno Show:

Reader RMartin sends in a contribution:

*Obama’s Brain:


Tons of spanking new photo shop madness from the right scoop’s gallery of Obama and his best friend TOTUS:

(There are too many to choose from, so I’ll select my personal faves. Open link above for more…)

Mulligan Teleprompter:

Commander in Chief Teleprompter:

Shovel Ready Teleprompter:

Hopeychangey Teleprompters:

Ha!  From The Right Scoop reader PC:

Obama’s Teleprompter: The Video! From Redstate.

A selected few still photos from RedState. Click linky for more…

*Obama and his Binky:

*The Binky Knows Best:

*“OHHH, lighten up. It’s a joke!”


From Nobama blog…

*Obama goes off message at Lincoln Bicentennial:


From America is an Obamanation (h/t: Moonbattery):



*All captions by Danishova, except where noted with asterisk (*)(in which case they are by the web genius I lifted the image from)


Calling all Photoshop-ers. Lost teleprompter madness opportunities…

Wacky Wobbler…

Dude, where’s my teleprompter?

From Powerline.

Et tu, TOTUS?:




New video found at Scott Thong


Send teleprompter madness tips to: danishova@gmail.com


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