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Obama to Leno: Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be bankers

Posted by danishova on March 24, 2009

Amid the brouhaha over Obama’s clumsy joke about his mad bowling skillz and the Special Olympics, I missed a jaw-dropper from The Messiah. Thankfully, we have Rush Limbaugh, who never misses a thing. From last Friday’s show:

RUSH: One more sound bite, ladies and gentlemen, and this sound bite dovetails with what I was saying all day long about this administration targeting individualism.  This administration and the Democrat Party have an all-out assault on capitalism, individualism, and freedom, and this is how it happens.  Obama, last night on The Tonight Show.

OBAMA:  We need young people instead of the, you know, a smart kid coming out of school, instead of wanting to be an investment banker, we need them to decide they want to be an engineer, want to be a scientist, they want to be a doctor or a teacher, and if we’re rewarding those kinds of things that actually contribute to making things and — and making people’s lives better, that’s going to put our economy on solid footing, we won’t have this bubble and bust economy that we’ve gotten so caught up in for the last several years.

Un.freaking. believable. 

I’ll let your imaginations run wild with your own expletives and deep analysis.  Feel free to search Obama’s campaign coffers, as well as those of the DNC, for generous donations from the same miserable investment bankers who are now characterized as the lowest form of human life.  (You also may want to gather some shoes to throw at the television when Obama’s Teleprompter conducts a Press Conference tonight.)

My advice?  Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be democrats.


Hmmm.  Maybe Obama has a point about bankers being lowlifes, after all.  His Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel,  was an investment banker.   Maybe it’s okay to be a banker as long as it was before 2009, Anno Domini Barack Obama.


2 Responses to “Obama to Leno: Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be bankers”

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