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Confirmed: Useful Idiot Nancy Pelosi is dumber than a rock

Posted by danishova on March 27, 2009

March 26 (Bloomberg) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House this year will consider health-care legislation including an option for a government-run program that would compete with insurers.

Right, because It’s easy-peasy to compete with the full force and power of the Federal Government.

“This is a big agenda, and I believe it should have a public option in it for it to be really substantial,” Pelosi told reporters at her weekly news conference in the U.S. Capitol….

Pelosi said the Democratic-controlled House will be “aggressive” in its approach to a health-care overhaul, which is a centerpiece of Obama’s agenda. She said a government role in health care will help U.S. companies be more competitive.

Brace yourself for the logic of PelosiThink:

“This is not only about the health of individuals in our country, which will be justification enough,” said Pelosi, a California Democrat. “It’s about the competitiveness of our businesses to make them globally competitive because they are competing with companies and countries where the federal government — their governments — pay for health care. They don’t have to bear those health care costs.”

You see, In Socialist countries they get their health care for free!  A unicorn riding on a rainbow, carrying a pot of gold pays for everything! And private insurers will be able to compete globally in these countries without private insurers because they sing,  “yes we can!”. As for the global competitiveness of companies who are not in the health insurance racket, we will tax them into prosperity because they dare to have overseas operations which make a profit for American shareholders. Wheeeee!

The contrarian view:

Ronald Williams, chief executive officer of Hartford, Connecticut-based Aetna Inc., told a Senate panel this week that insurers would be at a competitive disadvantage under a plan that would, in effect, extend Medicare, the U.S. government health plan for the elderly and disabled, to more people. Williams said the industry pays an extra $89 billion a year to providers to make up for “underpayments” from patients covered by existing government programs.



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