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Obama brings change to White House Easter Egg Roll; families lose all hope of getting tickets

Posted by danishova on March 29, 2009



This may seem unduly nitpicky to some, but I see this as metaphor for the Obama Administration’s congenital incompetence. Seriously, can they do anything right?  Don’t they have anything better to do than trying to change everything?  Try staffing the Treasury Department, Barack.  Your administration is timing out.

The Enlightened Redneck reports:

Change has come to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, and our family is not happy about it. The end result is that we won’t get to go for the first time in nine years.

President Obama thought outside the box and decided it was better to move the ticketing process online — and predictably, the system didn’t work as advertised. I know because I tried off and on all day to get free tickets for the event. Most of the time I couldn’t even access the system; the two times my wife and I did, we were booted from it right as we placed our orders.

By 7:45 p.m. Thursday, we were rewarded for our efforts with this message: “Tickets are no longer available for the 2009 White House Easter Egg Roll.”

Washington’s local NBC station reported on the problems during the day Thursday. And here’s a recap from The Washington Post the next day:

The White House’s Internet distribution of tickets to this year’s Easter Egg Roll appears to have begun with a splat. …

Several people said that they were unable to log on to the White House ticket site or that when they logged on, tickets weren’t available. Some resorted to Craigslist to find tickets, for as much as $50 apiece.

Kristin Vergis of Garden City, N.Y., said she was up until midnight to see whether the ticket site was active. She went to the site again at 6 a.m. and tried to reserve tickets throughout the day, to no avail. “At one point, I got through the verification process and then was timed out,” she said in an e-mail to The Post. “I wish the ticket process had been left the way it was.”

Read the rest here.

And color me skeptical, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this computer set-up wasn’t just another mercenary attempt to get more names and addresses into their handy dandy computer database


1. Essential Getty Images Photo of Secret Service member added above… 

2. The Enlightened Redneck has a roundup of “What others are saying about the egg roll”…including yours truly…


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