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White is the new black

Posted by danishova on March 30, 2009

That was quick. The wondrous era of “post-racial politics” is over in less than 100 days.   Last week, Brazil’s President blamed “white people with blue eyes” for the financial crisis, while meeting with Gordon Brown.  Not to be outdone, the President of France is getting on the blame the Anglos first outrage train:

President Sarkozy yesterday threatened to wreck the London summit if France’s demands for tougher financial regulation are not met.

France will not accept a G20 that produces a “false success with language that sounds good but contains no commitments”, his advisers said.

Asked if this meant a possible walk-out, Xavier Musca, Mr Sarkozy’s deputy chief of staff for economic affairs, said: “A basic rule with nuclear deterrence is that you do not say at what point you will use the weapon.”

The French threat dramatically raised the temperature hours before President Obama arrives in London today. If carried through, it would ruin a summit for which Mr Brown and Mr Obama have high ambitions, believing it vital to international recovery.

Mr Sarkozy, who blames the “Anglo-Saxons” for causing the economic crisis, told his ministers last week that he would leave Mr Brown’s summit “if it does not work out”.

You know, they have a point. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd, all of whom facilitated the housing crisis, fit that description.  Well, maybe not Barney Frank exactly, but he represents Massachusetts so we’ll throw him in the pot.  Franklin Raines?  Maxine Waters?  Not so much. As for me, I admit it!  Guilty as charged, but unlike that bunch, I had nothing at all to do with any of this mess.  Perhaps there’s an attic we can hide in until this anti-Anglo/anti-banker hysteria passes; ideally, one safe from bus tours conducted by groups like the Working Families Party.

Is it only a matter of time before Obama joins the chorus (sotto voce of course)?  After all, it should be easy for him – what with 20 years in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “church”, a wife who thinks America is just a mean country, and a campaign season ripe with stark references to “bitter clingers”, and oh-so subtle references to being hoodwinked and bamboozled. Indeed, Obama never fails to remind us he “inherited” this mess. Coincidentally the person to whom he ascribes all the blame is, you guessed it, a white person with blue eyes.

Alas, I guess we’ll have to keep Barack’s Anglo-Saxon family tree our little secret. No more emphasizing his Kansan roots. Nope, it’ll be “Who’s your daddy” all the way from here on in.   At least until these storm clouds pass over. And there’s another election that needs financing, from the donor-rich streets of San Francisco, to the tall buildings of Wall Street-  assuming there’s anything left, that is.


1.  Obama obsequiously flatters Lula at the G20 love fest:

“That’s my man right here,” President Obama said this morning at the G-20 summit as Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva approached him. “Love this guy. He’s the most popular politican on earth. It’s because of his good looks.”

Lula, it should be noted, is hardly the George Clooney of the G-20. But beyond that, the moment was quite telling in terms of the understanding that these leaders have for one another’s domestic political considerations.

A few days ago, Lula said that the global economic crisis “was fostered and boosted by irrational behaviour of people that are white, blue-eyed, that before the crisis looked like they knew everything about economics.”

‘Now they have demonstrated that they don’t know anything about economics,” said Lula, adding that “no black man or woman, no indigenous person, no poor person” can be held responsible…

Perhaps Lula reminds Barack of his erstwhile mentor,  the racist/Marxist Jeremiah Wright.  He must dearly miss his avuncular presence and steady guidance.  (H/T: Hot Air headlines)

2.  Michelle Malkin notes that Barack is loco for Lula!


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