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Is it fair to call violent G20 thugs “terrorists” or is it merely a “man made disaster”?

Posted by danishova on April 1, 2009

The Times On Line reports from London:

Eleven people were arrested today as 2,000 protesters took part in four anti-capitalism marches in the City of London ahead of the G20 summit.

As the marches converged on their target – the Bank of England – there were several scuffles with police officers waiting on the steps. Police also intercepted a blue fake armoured personnel carrier at Bishopsgate, near the headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The 11 people inside, who police said were wearing lookalike police uniforms, were arrested for impersonating police officers

Or is the new, improved term for terrorist “man-made disaster”… “spacehijackers”?

Speaking to The Times as the van was being driven away, a protester calling himself Greenman said he organised the stunt along with other members of a group calling itself Spacehijackers.

Irony alert:

He said it was designed to highlight how Britain was increasingly becoming a police state. "Terrorism laws are always encroaching on our freedoms and discouraging dissent," he said.

Marchons, marchons!:

The incident happened as marchers confronted police at the Bank of England, in Threadneedle Street, in scenes which appeared to be increasingly heated as police braced themselves for scenes of disorder.

One group, G20 Meltdown, said that it had carried out four carnival parades into the heart of the financial district led by effigies of the “four horsemen of the apocalypse”, representing war, climate chaos, financial crimes and land enclosures.

It had promised to “thrust into the very belly of the beast” when the parades converge on the Bank of England.

Doltish comedian calls it “beautiful”:

The protesters were joined by the comedian Russell Brand. Wearing a black baggy woollen hat and with a small group of friends, Brand was spotted in the crowd waving and giving the thumbs-up to fellow demonstrators as he took part in the march.

“I always come to these kind of things, I’m very interested. I am interested in learning and interested in why these people have come to this," he said. “I wonder what alternatives there are and I think it makes people cogent of them. I think it’s also very beautiful.”

Portrait of a dunce:

Good news! The mobs will free Palestine:

Many of the protesters chanted as they walked towards the Bank of England. Chants included “Revolution” and “Palestine will be free”.

Foolishly IMHO, the bankers soldier on:

Philip Shaw, chief economist at Investec Securities, which is based in Gresham Street close to the Bank of England, said the company had allowed staff to work at home, but many had chosen to come in.

“It’s a more relaxed dress code today and the markets are generally quieter, but quite a few of us have come in. We’ve got a job to do and intend to do it,” he added.

This just in, from the Telegraph U.K.

G20 summit protesters have forced their way inside an RBS office in the City amid violent clashes with police as world leaders gather in London…

Fox News is reporting that they are chanting, “Abolish money”.  Are you down with that?

Live video feed available here.

Sky News reporting here.

Michelle Malkin reported on “Brave dissenters at the G20 anti-capitalist orgy”, wishing them Godspeed!  Godspeed, it is.


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