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CREW’s Melanie Sloan calls dismissal of charges against Sen. Stevens a "P.R. Disaster”

Posted by danishova on April 2, 2009

…Others complain about “orgy of misplaced sympathy”

Previously at Danishova….Sen. Steven’s conviction to be voided; Can we have a re-do in Alaska’s Senate race?

Regarding CREW’s history with this case, I wrote:

This will be fun to watch.

In a list dominated by Republicans (which for some reason has no mention of Sen. Chris ‘lyin’ weasel’ Dodd or Barney ‘My boyfriend worked at Freddie Mac’ Frank), CREW put Stevens on its “20 Most corrupt members of Congress” list with a big red “convicted” stamp. Their website already has a wealth of stories about prosecutorial misconduct in the left margin, yet the use of a stamp implies that they deserve some credit for his conviction.

I included these screen shots from CREW’s Most Corrupt Members of Congress page, nicely decorated with “CONVICTED” stamps for Sen. Stevens, and noted that the use of these stamps implied that CREW played a role in Steven’s conviction:



Fun it is.  Today we get sour grapes:

Melanie Sloan, the executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, called the misconduct a public-relations disaster because politicians can seize on a decision to drop the charges to try to prove that government prosecutors are going after them “willy-nilly.”

Ha! Isn’t it a public-relations disaster for CREW?  After all, they had so much invested in this, what with their little red “CONVICTED” stamp thingy and all, which, darn it all, they had to remove:

Ms. Sloan continued:

She said DoJ lawyers in the public integrity section handling the case should have been meticulous because Sullivan, Stevens’s lawyer, has a reputation of claiming prosecutorial misconduct very quickly in his cases.

Is that the only reason they should have been meticulous, Melanie?  How about in the interest of, you know, justice?

Furthermore, she stressed, Holder’s decision in no way should be viewed as a vindication of Stevens but rather as an indictment of the Justice Department’s inability to do one of its most important jobs. The Justice Department has had several problems dealing with separation-of-powers issues when it comes to investigating and prosecuting lawmakers, such as the raid on former Reps. William Jefferson’s (D-La.) offices and the wiretaps on Rep. Rick Renzi’s (R-Ariz.) phone.

Gee Mel, I hope you never face a prosecutor like that. Why, one might be predisposed to judge you guilty for all eternity, no matter what exculpatory evidence is revealed ex tempore.

“It was careless, sloppy and just inexcusable,” Sloan said of the misconduct in the Stevens case.

I’ll give you “inexcusable”, but as for the “careless” and “sloppy” part, I’m more inclined to go with “malicious prosecution” and “sabotaging an election”…but that’s just me.

More from CREW’s website here, where they feature TPM Muckraker’s conclusion that there is a “Misplaced Orgy of Sympathy” for Stevens, which ends with this complaint:

Here’s a final thought. An experienced defense lawyer emails to point out that prosecutorial misconduct of the kind revealed in the Stevens case, and worse, happens extremely frequently, and expect to get away with it. Justice’s decision here may have been the right one, but it would be nice of these guys would show as tender a concern for the fate of poor defendants unfairly convicted despite such misconduct, as they do for their fellow member of the club.

Heh. Apparently the clarion call of No justice, No Peace only applies to an exclusive club run by liberals.  Sen. Stevens need not apply.


Allapundit blogs: Palin to Begich: Resign and face Stevens again in a new election. Not going to happen, but no harm in trying.


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