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Parental advisory: Pollsters are looking to poll “pre-teen” children on “the environment” with scary questions

Posted by danishova on April 6, 2009

Anonymous members of the Green Police looking for statistics?  For their purposes, a “pre-teen” is any child aged 6 to 11.  From Tim Graham of Newsbusters:

I received a phone call just after noon on Sunday from a Princeton, New Jersey-based polling firm that asked to speak to "pre-teens" aged 6 to 11 for a poll about the environment. They encouraged me to listen in. My 11-year-old daughter answered five questions that grew increasingly dire. The pollster said they are not told who the client is (A green group? Or a media outlet like Weekly Reader or Time for Kids?), so they don’t bias the survey. But the bias strongly came through in the questions.

After questions about extinct polar bears, melting ice caps, violent weather, pollution, and shortages of drinking water, they get down to brass tacks:

Then came the question that even my daughter thought was erratic. They asked if my child ever worried that the Earth wouldn’t exist any more when she grew up. She said "no" in a very baffled tone.

The last question was the sneakiest, the one that sounded like a tattle-on-your-parents moment. They asked are you sure your parents doing everything they can to preserve the planet, like recycling and keeping down use of electricity? My daughter said yes, although she could have easily said "no." We use plastic grocery bags, don’t drive a hybrid, and not every light bulb in our house is a compact fluorescent.

Read the rest here.

Is it possible that this poll was commissioned by the newest member of the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)?    Just wondering.


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