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Obama’s performance in Istanbul begs the question: Has he been briefed about Palestinian culture?

Posted by danishova on April 7, 2009

At his turkey of a town meeting in Istanbul, he said:

I have to believe that the mothers of Palestinians and the mothers of Israelis hope the same thing for their children. They want them not to be vulnerable to violence. They don’t want, when their child gets on a bus, to worry that that bus might explode. They don’t want their child to have to suffer indignities because of who they are. And so sometimes I think that if you just put the mothers in charge for a while, that things would get resolved. And it’s that spirit of thinking about the future and not the past that I just talked about earlier that I think could help advance the peace process, because if you look at the situation there, over time I don’t believe it’s sustainable.

Riiight.   Coincidentally, this story hit today, at World Net Daily, which instantly debunks Barack’s fantasy:

Palestinian TV unveils teddy bear terrorist – Children’s character desires to be Islamic ‘holy warrior’

A new character has been introduced on the Hamas children’s television show "Pioneers of Tomorrow," the teddy bear Nassur, who immediately expressed a desire to be an Islamic "holy warrior" and carry a gun.

WND reminds us of Assud the martyred Bunny, and a Mickey Mouse look- alike martyr, and links to MEMRI where there are videos to prove itPerhaps someone should send Barack a DVD.  This is nothing new. This is part of their culture, a culture of death, and to suggest that mothers know nothing of this television programming, and do not participate is pure fantasy. 

Moreover, has Barack never heard of this sort of thing?:

Leading Muslim clerics often refer to the love of death. Chief Palestinian Authority cleric Mufti Sheikh Ikrimeh Sabri stated, "We tell them, in as much as you love life, the Muslim loves death and martyrdom. There is a great difference between he who loves the hereafter and he who loves this world. The Muslim loves death and [strives for] martyrdom."

Contrast and compare Barack’s clueless pronouncements with this, from the “arrogant” cowboy Bush:

In his speech of March 19, 2004, President Bush referred to this concept: "On a tape claiming responsibility for the atrocities in Madrid, a man is heard to say, ‘We choose death, while you choose life.’… It is a mindset that rejoices in suicide, incites murder, and celebrates every death we mourn. And we who stand on the other side of the line must be equally clear and certain of our convictions. We do love life…. We believe in the values that uphold the dignity of life, tolerance, and freedom, and the right of conscience. And we know that this way of life is worth defending. There is no neutral ground — no neutral ground — in the fight between civilization and terror, because there is no neutral ground between good and evil, freedom and slavery, and life and death."

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Let’s put these mothers in charge for awhile and there will be peace on Earth!  From the open-border advocates at AZTLAN, who romanticize female Palestinian martyrs and mothers here.  An example:

On the morning of January 14, 2004, a freedom fighter of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a 21 year old mother of two children, detonated a bomb at the Erez border check point between Israel and the Gaza Strip killing four Israeli soldiers. The female Palestinian martyr, Reem Salih al-Rayasha of Gaza City, was a university student with two children, ages 1 and 4 whom she loved dearly. She made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom and independence of the Palestinian people.


More on AZTLAN here.


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