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The audacity of Obama in Istanbul: Hey, let bygones be bygones, let’s start thinking about tomorrow

Posted by danishova on April 7, 2009

From his Town Hall meeting in Istanbul.

The Overture:

And so that is a very important place to start. And that’s where young people can be very helpful, because I think old people, we get into habits and we become suspicious and we carry grudges. Right? You know, it was interesting when I met with President Medvedev of Russia and we actually had a very good dialogue, and we were — we spoke about the fact that although both of us were born during the Cold War, we came of age after the Cold War had already begun to decline, which means we have a slightly different attitude than somebody who was seeing Russia only as the Soviet Union — only as an enemy or who saw America only as an enemy.

So young people, they can get rid of some of the old baggage and the old suspicions, and I think that’s very important. But understanding alone is not enough. Then you — we actually have to do the work.

If I may act as the interpreter:

Nothing that happened before his arrival on the planet matters.  We must re-write history so we can forget about how unspeakably horrible life was like in the Soviet Union, and forget about what people like Reagan and Thatcher did to end the misery.  The past is not prologue, history is just an annoyance which interferes with Barack’s Utopian world view.

The finale:

That’s a good thing and that we don’t have to always be stuck with old arguments. I mean, one thing that is interesting about Europe as I travel around is, you know, you hear disputes between countries that date back to a hundred years, a thousand years — people are still mad about things that happened a very long time ago.

And so one thing America may have to offer is an insistence on looking forward and not always looking backwards.

You first, Barack!  I, for one, cannot wait for the day when you stop apologizing for the Bush Years.  I can’t wait for the day when you stop apologizing for America  (particularly while on foreign soil).  I cannot wait for you to cease babbling on about the “legacy of our past treatment of Native Americans”, the endless grievances of black Americans, of women, of every woe that has ever befallen any group since our founding.

I shall not hold my breath.


Michelle Malkin calls it the “Trash America Tour 2009”.


Obama’s performance in Istanbul begs the question: Has he been briefed about Palestinian culture?

Obama peddles politically-correct nonsense tales in speech to Turkish Parliament


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