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‘Annoying distraction’ for Obama now hailed as ‘military victory’ for brave Commander in Chief

Posted by danishova on April 13, 2009

Last week we were told by by Reuters that the Pirate hostage situation was an “annoying distraction” for Barack.  Now that Captain Phillips has been rescued after Navy Seal snipers took out the “swashbuckling” pirates, the spin has changed entirely.

WaPo’s headline reads, An Early Military Victory for Obama;   Jennifer Loven of the AP presents this spin:

The U.S. economy is showing only glimmers of life and two costly wars remain in the balance, but President Barack Obama’s "no drama" handling of the Indian Ocean hostage crisis proved a big win for his administration in its first critical national security test.

Sorry dear, but this was not his first “critical national security test”.  That happened last week when N. Korea fired a missile with impunity .

Obama’s quiet backstage decision to authorize the Defense Department to take necessary action if Capt. Richard Phillips’ life was in imminent danger gave a Navy commander the go-ahead to order snipers to fire on the pirates holding the cargo ship captain at gunpoint.

The alternative was to do what exactly? To authorize the D of D to take unnecessary action?   To take no action at all ?  To hand “negotiations” over to the U.N.?  To send the pirates a videogram?  To ask for 6-party talks?

Obama’s handling of the crisis showed a president who was comfortable in relying on the U.S. military, much as his predecessor, George W. Bush, did.

Again, what was the alternative?  Perhaps he considered sending in AmeriCorps volunteers instead of the military?  After forcing the D.O.D. to cut $5 billion, while pushing through legislation that allocates $6 billion to pay “volunteers” to perform vital tasks such as weatherizing windows, I suppose it’s possible that he thought it could be a wise use of taxpayer dollars.

After a number of paragraphs, which reveal that he had a lot of meetings on this situation, we learn that pirates are not terrorists man-caused disasters and have no ties to, say, Al Qaeda:

So what Obama did was receive regular briefings, sometimes as often as half a dozen times a day. He weighed in with two critical decisions allowing the military to take action to save Phillips’ life. And he laid the groundwork for a federal criminal law enforcement response.

White House officials said the Justice Department is already reviewing evidence to determine whether to file criminal charges against the captured Somali pirate. The U.S. is treating the matter as a criminal case because officials have found no direct ties between East African pirates and terror groups.

He “weighed in on two critical decisions”?  How very Presidential!  And dare I ask what sort of evidence the Obama Administration will demand to call put pirates in the “terrorism” category? 

Obama doesn’t like labels for himself or catch phrases for policy. So it’s notable that in an administration that has for all intents and purposes banned the phrase "war on terror," no one called the pirates "terrorists."

Obama doesn’t like catch phrases?  Surely you jest, Ms. Loven.

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5 Responses to “‘Annoying distraction’ for Obama now hailed as ‘military victory’ for brave Commander in Chief”

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  2. Elvis the Original Terminator said

    All this stems from a pizza party!

  3. Thank you so much for your view of this, so refreshing to the ‘news?’ of the day. If the news?papers of the day were truly in touch with being the fifth pillar and reporting the facts–they would not be folding.

    Love your blog,

    Thank you,
    Dawn Bonner
    Editor in Chief

    PS On our Most Obnoxious Blog, so far, Obama takes the prize.

  4. Don L said

    We have entered a strange new world -a world of fake pillars- haloes – and a guard dog media all mesmerizing the populace into insanity as we morph into the insane world of Obamaism. Who needs God when a plastic messiah works so well? I now understand Jonestown.

    So long America.

  5. Mad Bluebird said

    Just couldnt wait could they especialy the WASHIGTON COMPOST to kiss and wash obamas feet as if he want in personaly killed the three somolian pirates and carried the hostage to safty MORE BULL KAKA FROM THE WASHINGTON COMPOST

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