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Blog Rally: April 26th is imprisoned journalist Roxana Saberi’s birthday

Posted by danishova on April 26, 2009

Poignantly, April 26th also happens to be my son’s birthday.  While he has enjoyed his birthday cake and is out playing golf on a gorgeous Spring Day, Roxana Saberi is incarcerated in Tehran’s Evin Prison.  Instead of birthday cake, she is on a hunger strike.

A group of bloggers is holding a blog rally in support of Roxana Saberi  and of others who have dared to express their thoughts freely only to be imprisoned, abused, or killed.

Please consider placing a blue ribbon this week on your blog, website, and facebook / myspace / twitter page, and invite others to do the same,  in honor of the journalists, bloggers, students, and writers who are imprisoned in Evin Prison (nicknamed "Evin University") and other prisons around the world for speaking and writing down their thoughts.

Michelle Malkin has the details here with this intro:

US journalist Roxana Saberi turns 32 today in an Iranian prison. After an hour-long trial, she was sentenced to eight years behind bars for “espionage.” She was initially told she was arrested for buying bootleg wine, and then because she was working as a journalist without a license. She’s now on day five of a hunger strike. Today, one of her defense lawyers was denied access to her.

Saberi is a former North Dakota beauty queen educated at Oxford and Northwestern with an extraordinary background. Here’s some of her work. Her home state newspaper, the Grand Forks Herald, weighs in…

The Grand Forks Herald coverage is a must read.  Michelle also reminds us that Roxana is not the only journalist jailed in Iran:

Omid Mir Sayafi, reported to be in his 20s, died in Evin prison, which is located in Tehran and known for its wing that holds political prisoners.


Seven other journalists and two cyber-dissidents are currently held in Iran.

1. Fox News reports that she is "in bad condition".

Reza Saberi said he and his wife Akiko visited their daughter Roxana in Tehran’s Evin jail on Sunday, taking flowers for her 32nd birthday.

"She is very, very weak and frail … she is in a bad condition. She can hardly stand up," he told Reuters. "I’m worried about her health. I’m worried about her life."

The 68-year-old said he pleaded with her to stop the hunger strike, but she resisted during the 20-minute visit.

Meanwhile, Ahmadinijead was interviewed yesterday by for ABC’s This Week by George Stephanopoulos, but the American journalist did not ask him a single question about Saberi.

2.  Debbie Schlussel callously writes, No Tears for Roxana Saberi & Reporters Held in N. Korea: Poetic Justice for Iran’s BBC/NPR Apologist

3.  As I noted at Hot Air’s headlines, in contrast to Schlussel, I’m going with this point of view, from Front Page Magazine.


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