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Epic Fail: New York City terrorized by Obama photo op gone bad

Posted by danishova on April 27, 2009

This brilliant recap by Doug Ross gets my vote for the must-read summary of this man-made disaster.

I would only ad that I favor a Truth Commission to investigate the Obama Administration for this act of torture, and even Barack’s teleprompter must be called to testify before Congress.

And that it’s too bad Barack didn’t have these photos ready in time for his generous donation to the charity auction at his daughters’ school.


1. ACE runs this baby down to perfection:

So the NOTUS (Narcissist of the United States) decided it was about time he buzzed NYC, so he could have his pretty picture.

2.Allahpundit makes a Sidwell-Friends connection too.

3. Hot Air Links to video of panicked New Yorkers here (scroll down).  And thus it occurs to me that The One is really much more like Godzilla than God.

4.  Here’s a great collection of iconic images of the Statue of Liberty.  Alas I have a feeling today’s photos will not be published. At least not the official ones.


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