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Posted by danishova on May 5, 2009

Yawn.  A University of Illinois study about organizing PUBLIC SECTOR unions in one state is used by The American Prospect to prove that it’s a “lie” that EFCA would  lead to “union intimidation”.


A study [PDF] came out yesterday (perhaps a few months too late) that puts the lie to conservative claims that majority sign-up, the union organizing technique that would become standard under the Employee Free Choice Act, leads to increased union intimidation. The study is from Illinois, where state labor law allows government employees to use majority sign-up to organize public-sector unions, and it found that in the course of organizing some 22,000 workers in a variety of different occupations over six years, there was only one complaint of intimidation, which was dismissed for lack of evidence.

I guess if you write for the American Prospect the difference between the PUBLIC and PRIVATE Sector is a minor detail.  Indeed, if it were up to the Left, we would all be public sector employees in one way or the other, living in paradise on the Planet Utopia.

I am not about to parse the snooze-worthy document, but suffice it to say that The American Prospect’s headline promises way more than it delivers.

I failed to mention that ending the secret ballot is the issue that has most people’s attention, but The A.P. never mentions that.


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