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Global Warming loons in the Republican Party

Posted by danishova on May 14, 2009


Reps. Bob Inglis of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona on Wednesday became the first Republican lawmakers to introduce legislation imposing a carbon tax on producers and distributors of fossil fuels.

The bill, co-sponsored by Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski of Illinois, would set a tax of $15 a ton of carbon dioxide produced in its first year in effect, with the tax rising to $100 a ton over three decades.

"The first axiom of economics is if you want less of something, you tax it," said Flake, a leading fiscal conservative, in an interview. "Obviously, we want less carbon, so we tax it."

Pardon me while I seethe in disgust for a moment. What an idiotic statement!  Is that why we tax income? Because we want less of it?  How about sales taxes? Do we tax products at the point of sale because we want less goods to be sold?  As for taxing things “you want less of”, that is nothing but Nanny Statism and should not be the policy of  representatives who call themselves conservatives.


The three lawmakers offer their measure as an alternative to a massive climate change bill backed by President Barack Obama and now before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

How about just voting, NO?  Is that too much to ask?  There are plenty of Dems who oppose these bills – why give Obama cover?

That cap-and-trade legislation would set a national limit on total carbon dioxide emissions and attempt to lower them over time through the sale and trading of carbon "allowances," or credits, among the government, factories, utilities, automakers and other sources of pollution.

Inglis and Flake call their measure "tax neutral" because it would reduce payroll taxes by however much revenue the carbon tax raises, with employers and employees splitting the payroll tax cut equally.

Since Social Security is already falling off a cliff, how do you plan to make up the shortfall if you cut payroll taxes? 

The impact of such a direct carbon tax, however, would vary widely in different regions of the country.

Businesses and homeowners who rely heavily on coal for electric power — such as those in Kentucky and Missouri — would face significantly steeper price increases because coal produces much more carbon dioxide.

Such disparities, Flake said, would be an unavoidable outcome of trying to reduce global warming and wean the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, some of it from unfriendly governments.

How about this Rep. Flake?:  Drill, baby, drill.  And, global warming is a hoax. Global Warming is on the bottom of the list when Americans are asked about this issue. Why burden us over an issue nobody but the Marxists in the Democrat Party care about?  Meanwhile, we’ll know who to blame when energy costs rise for the most idiotic of reasons.  Pssst, Flake and Inglis – that means you.

"There’s no way you can compensate or have a perfect outcome in which everyone pays the same rates," Flake said. "If you try to do that, then you take away the incentive to change.”

Here’s an incentive for ya!  How about you get voted out next time you’re up for re-election?

The bill puts the two lawmakers at odds with Republican congressional leaders, who’ve criticized the Democrats’ cap-and-trade plans as carbon taxes in disguise.

Stories like this are just one more argument favoring a Fair Tax or Flat Tax.


Ed Morrissey chimes in here.


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