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Nancy Pelosi: ‘I was fighting the War in Iraq’

Posted by danishova on May 14, 2009

Nancy, you’re toast.  That press conference this morning where you accused the CIA of lying to Congress was an abject disaster.  But while others focus on your ludicrous dissembling, your stupidity, your fumbling around with your papers, and what’s going to be the blowback after accusing the CIA of being liars, I want to focus on something else…  namely, your service to this nation as a soldier fighting in Iraq, something you have modestly kept secret from us for all these years, but revealed today in your press conference.

You go girl!

Press conference fiasco also under discussion at ABC’s The Note; Hot Air; The Swamp

Jonathon Allen of C.Q. Politics just quipped on Fox News:  The C.I.A. are trained at overthrowing foreign governments, so I don’t know how much you want to mess with them.

Meanwhile, in breaking news, Cheney’s request to release documents which would demonstrate the positive results of interrogations has been denied

The Weekly Standard provides the full scoop on the jaw-dropping denial. (H/T: Allahpundit)


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