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Breaking news: Malia Obama waves to Barack; He waves back

Posted by danishova on May 15, 2009

For some reason this story from the Daily Mail is at the end of an account of Barack’s “flip flop” on GITMO (“Barack Obama does U-turn on  Guantanamo Bay terror trials”). I can only surmise that the intent was to make Barack seem like a loveable guy who doesn’t torture terrorists or something:

Like many little girls, Sasha Obama looked thrilled when her father returned home from a day at the office.

Of course, most parents don’t live in the White House and complete their commute in a helicopter.

The president’s younger girl, seven, waved enthusiastically as Mr Obama strode down the steps of the chopper.

He smiled broadly, and waved back.

Caption: Waiting game: Sasha Obama stands on a White House veranda waiting for her father… and beams and waves when she sees him

Caption: The President looked equally happy to see his youngest daughter


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