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New York Times: Obama lied, health industry cried…foul

Posted by danishova on May 15, 2009

Remember when Barack lied about Caterpillar, falsely claiming they would re-hire laid off employees, thanks to the magic “stimulus” package?  Here we go again!

Robert Pear reports:

Hospitals and insurance companies said Thursday that President Obama had substantially overstated their promise earlier this week to reduce the growth of health spending.

Mr. Obama invited health industry leaders to the White House on Monday to trumpet their cost-control commitments. But three days later, confusion swirled in Washington as the companies’ trade associations raced to tamp down angst among members around the country.

After meeting with six major health care organizations, Mr. Obama hailed their cost-cutting promise as historic.

“These groups are voluntarily coming together to make an unprecedented commitment,” Mr. Obama said. “Over the next 10 years, from 2010 to 2019, they are pledging to cut the rate of growth of national health care spending by 1.5 percentage points each year — an amount that’s equal to over $2 trillion.”

Health care leaders who attended the meeting have a different interpretation. They say they agreed to slow health spending in a more gradual way and did not pledge specific year-by-year cuts.

“There’s been a lot of misunderstanding that has caused a lot of consternation among our members,” said Richard J. Umbdenstock, the president of the American Hospital Association. “I’ve spent the better part of the last three days trying to deal with it.”

Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office of Health Reform, said “the president misspoke” on Monday and again on Wednesday when he described the industry’s commitment in similar terms. After providing that account, Ms. DeParle called back about an hour later on Thursday and said: “I don’t think the president misspoke. His remarks correctly and accurately described the industry’s commitment.”

ARGGHHH!   Nancy-Ann is doing a fine job of imitating a chicken with its head cut off. Which may actually have happened after Barack’s thugs were through with her.  You see, in Barackastan the dear leader is never wrong.  Eventually the health industry (and every industry) will do what Obama commands, and they will “commit” to his plan.  They will have no choice but to comply – thus the lie will become the truth.

The Washington office of the American Hospital Association sent a bulletin to its state and local affiliates to “clarify several points” about the White House meeting.

In the bulletin, Richard J. Pollack, the executive vice president of the hospital association, said: “The A.H.A. did not commit to support the ‘Obama health plan’ or budget. No such reform plan exists at this time.”

Moreover, Mr. Pollack wrote, “The groups did not support reducing the rate of health spending by 1.5 percentage points annually.”

He and other health care executives said they had agreed to squeeze health spending so the annual rate of growth would eventually be 1.5 percentage points lower.

Under existing law, the Department of Health and Human Services estimates that health spending will grow an average of 6.2 percent a year in the coming decade, to $4.4 trillion in 2018.

Two other lobbyists who attended the White House meeting confirmed Mr. Pollack’s account.

Read the rest here


1. Michelle Malkin and Legal Insurrection make the Caterpillar connection.

2.  Useful Idiot David Sirota (who blames the top 1% for the collapse of the economy and once said, The American Dream was where everyone was equal), has a different take. He thinks Obama is “coddling” the health care industry “thieves” who “pilfer” money from Americans.

3. Today, Obama’s budget director, Peter Orszag, repeats the lies about the health care industry’s “pledges” in an op-ed for the W.S.J. – methinks that he and the headless chicken Nancy-Ann need to talk.

4. Ed Morrissey writes:

The more conspiratorial may believe that the overpromise was deliberate, setting up the AHA for failure so that Obama can impose his government-dictated system on the country while blaming the AHA.  Before the campaign of intimidation against Chrysler senior creditors, I would have scoffed.  Now, I’m not so sure.


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