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Lamest Obama to Lincoln comparison evah?

Posted by danishova on May 21, 2009

It’s is sad to know that people actually buy this crap. From the White House website:

Your Government & New Media

Bev Godwin, Director of Online Resources & Interagency Development here in White House New Media, knows internet and government. She is on detail to the White House from the U.S. General Services Administration, where she serves as Director of USA.gov and Web Best Practices.  She showcases some examples of new media you may or may not know about from across government:

Did you know your government may be cooler and more approachable than you think? It really is. I know. I work here.

Wow!  They’re ruining the economy, ignoring the rule of law, knee-capping private businesses, and destroying our national security, but they’re “cool”.

Answering President Obama’s call for engagement with the public, federal agencies continue to expand their online presence. As Macon Phillips, Director of New Media @ The White House says in this video "Your government is delivering online content in new ways and new venues as technology impacts how and where people consume content."

So, look for opportunities to jump in and connect with your government — at our websites and blogs, through videos and photos, in social networks, through widgets, podcasts, and more. Abraham Lincoln knew what he was talking about. This is government of the people, by the people, for the people.

View, comment, rate, participate, and share. The government is paying attention, even as we continue to learn ourselves. The more people engage, the more meaningful all of this becomes, and the more progress we can make…blah blah blah.

Get over yourselves.


Also from the White House. Just like Lincoln, don’t ya think?:

Today we are kicking off an unprecedented process for public engagement in policymaking on the White House website. In a sea change from conventional practice, we are not asking for comments on an already-finished set of draft recommendations, but are seeking fresh ideas from you early in the process of creating recommendations. We will carefully consider your comments, suggestions, and proposals.

Here’s how the public engagement process will work. It will take place in 3 phases: Brainstorming, Discussion, and Drafting.

Beginning today, we will have a brainstorming session for suggesting ideas for the open government recommendations. You can vote on suggested ideas or add your own.

Then on June 3rd, the most compelling ideas from the brainstorming will be fleshed out on a weblog in a discussion phase. On June 15th, we will invite you to use a wiki to draft recommendations in collaborative fashion.

These three phases will build upon one another and inform the crafting of recommendations on open government.

Yep, Lincoln would have conducted the Civil War like this, if only he’d had the internets.

Video of Valerie Jarrett on “building a new foundation” (translation: destroying our foundations) on “brainstorming” , “transparency” and a “more open government:


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