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G.O.P. fundraiser: Competing headlines in an alternate universe

Posted by danishova on June 9, 2009

Sarah Palin showed up for a brief appearance at the G.O.P. fundraiser led by keynote speaker, Newt Gingrich, with Jon Voight in a supporting role. Here’s a sampling of the dueling headlines from the MSM:

Politico: Palin makes little splash at dinner

CNN:  Palin center of attention at big GOP dinner

New York Times:  In Palin’s Shadow, Republicans Collect Cash

ABC News:  Republican Dinner Raises Questions About GOP Leadership

U.P.I.:  Palin attends GOP fundraiser – really

WaPo:  Keynoter or Not, Palin Steals Spotlight at GOP Fundraiser


Meanwhile, Fox focuses correctly on Newt:  Gingrich Tells GOP Obama Has ‘Already Failed’

The best part?   Notorious right wing-conspiracist Neanderthal hillbilly, Jon Voight, on the “false prophet” Obama.



Here’s some Newt for ya –


Great story about Jon Voight here.


One Response to “G.O.P. fundraiser: Competing headlines in an alternate universe”

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