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“100 Black Men of America” to watch over News Corp as part of “diversity council”

Posted by danishova on June 10, 2009

Oh, the irony. It never ends, does it?  The race-baiting, the unadulterated crap from groups whose entire identity is defined by their race.

From the Associated Press:

News Corp. is forming an external diversity council in response to pressure over a New York Post cartoon that critics said compared President Barack Obama to a dead chimpanzee.

The cartoon appeared in February. News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch published an apology in the Post, but civil rights and community organizations demanded further action.

NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous said Wednesday that News Corp. had agreed to form a “diversity community council” that will meet semiannually with company executives.

The council will include members of the NAACP, 100 Black Men of America, the National Action Network and the National Urban League.

The letter also said that the company will include a “diversity statement of commitment” in its annual report.

Here’s a list of their sponsors the groups they hustle money from.

Here’s their original “official statement” about the cartoon:

We respect the First Amendment of the US
Constitution….both the right of speech and the right to object to what is
spoken. We find, as we have the right to do, Mr. Delonas’s cartoon published
in the February 18th, 2009 issue of the New York Post appalling, irresponsible
and completely insensitive. The mission of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc.
is to establish and reinforce positive images for young black men throughout
the world. Unless Mr. Delonas’s education and experiences make him completely
unaware of the historical racism associated with his caricature, his claimed
ignorance, shock and surprise are all without merit. More importantly, even
if he alone was ignorant to the obvious racial overtones, it is equally
apparent that no one responsible for reviewing and approving this cartoon for
print possessed any degree of reasoned sensibilities.
It may be as Hartley Engel has suggested that, “…[the] Post cartoon is
not implying that President Obama is a chimpanzee, but, rather, that the
stimulus bill is so weighted down with pet projects and out-of-control
spending, that it is so non-stimulative, if you will, that it couldn’t have
been cobbled together by President Obama and his team of wildly intelligent
economic advisors. No, it must have been written by a deranged chimp.” But it
seems to us, if this is the case, there is a plethora of ways to graphically
express that idea, and the way chosen shows, at best, very poor judgment in
both its creation, and it publication.
The New York Post and its leadership must reevaluate its priorities and
standards in journalism and retract and apologize for its tasteless
interpretation of current events. Despite race, creed and culture, many
Americans would and have perceived this as an act fueled by racist innuendos
and degrading characterization. More importantly, the New York Post must
never permit this to happen again.
This inappropriate depiction goes far beyond satire by reopening wounds of
deep-rooted racist stereotypes. It mocks our image as Black Americans, it
mocks our struggles as a nation and it mocks the standard of journalism
worldwide. It is improper, tasteless and unacceptable.

Blah, blah, blah….

Did I mention that Obama didn’t even write the stimulus bill?  Don’t let facts get in the way of the outrage and cash register.


2 Responses to ““100 Black Men of America” to watch over News Corp as part of “diversity council””

  1. lfeld said

    Where was this ‘outrage’ when political cartoonists spent 8 years depicting Condoleeza Rice with swollen lips, plantation English, and baskets full of fried chicken and watermelon. Is the problem that Ms. Rice is of the wrong party, or that liberals weren’t the cartoonists of record against BHO.

    PS Think there might be a council to oversee Letterman’s misognyist, child abuse approving monologues?

    • danishova said

      If “100 Black Men of America” stuck to mentoring youth and acting as positive role models I could support their efforts (except to wonder if we can ever stop self-identifying by race) but when they start playing the outrage game over irrelevant cartoons and demand Orwellian “Diversity councils”, they cross a line in the sand which is insupportable and discredits their entire enterprise.

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