Idgit Watch

Hey, let’s have some post-racial healing from the Communist Party USA!

Posted by danishova on June 14, 2009

Hat tip: Trevor Loudon 


From the perspective of Black social movements, does the triumph of Obama represent a kind of "end" to Black politics? A leader of African descent, having achieved state power, has symbolically demonstrated that no fundamental barriers now exist that deny Blacks access to political power. The paradox of integration, unfortunately, is that millions of African descendant Americans remain stigmatized and excluded from employment, quality health care, education and home ownership, relative to whites. These dire conditions, combined with the continuing incidents of police brutality and the mass incarceration of young Blacks guarantee that spontaneous local protests and grassroots mobilizations of African Americans and Latinos will continue to erupt. As during the Great Society, if Obama’s reforms are successfully implemented, new levels of activism and Black protest will emerge as a result. A new Black Panthers may soon be on the political horizon.

Oh joy!  You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.



"Martin Luther King did not die to have people with jack boots blocking the door, and neither did Robert Kennedy”:



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