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Sotomayor: A history of racist activism

Posted by danishova on July 2, 2009


The Ricci case is just the tip of the iceberg.   It is coming to the attention of the media that the “wise Latina woman” who is Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court sat on the board of the radical Leftist  Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund (PRLDEF) from 1980 – 1992 (who did work for…ACORN).  Thanks to the indispensible Discover the Networks  and great work by Judical Watch, we learn these gems about actions taken by PRLDEF during Sotomoyor’s tenure:

In 1980, when then-New York City Mayor Ed Koch criticized a Supreme Court decision that upheld racial quotas, the PRLDEF signed a statement characterizing the comments as "’ill-informed, rhetorically excessive and unnecessarily divisive."

In 1981, the PRLDEF supported a lawsuit that contended an entry-level government test, known as Professional Administrative Careers Examination, had an adverse impact on the African and Hispanic Americans who failed the exam. The lawsuit argued the test, therefore, violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act …

In 1981, the PRLDEF applauded a decision by a federal judge that forced teachers at an Ann Arbor Michigan elementary school to undergo "consciousness raising" about a dialect spoken by young black children called "Black English." The training program cost taxpayers $44,000. The civil rights attorney who handled the case, Gabe Kaimowitz, worked for the PRLDEF. He said his intent was to make the lawsuit the "basis of suits against schools in Chicago and New York, and to extend the suit to embrace not only poor blacks but poor Puerto Rican students," who supposedly spoke a dialect known as "Spanglish."

In 1983, the PRLDEF filed a complaint against Elizabeth, New Jersey Mayor Thomas Dunn following a City Hall directive requiring staff to speak English while on the job. Ignacio Perez, a staff attorney with the PRLDEF, admitted that no one in the mayor’s office had filed any complaints related to the directive.

In 1988, the PRLDEF engaged in a battle with the New York City Police Department over its "racist" promotion exam, ultimately presiding over a radical redesign to allow more minorities to achieve a passing grade. According to The New York Times: "The new test, a four-part exam prepared with the help of an expert designated by the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund … involved changes in format, including the addition of open-book questions and a video portion."

In 1990, the PRLDEF attacked then-New York Mayor David Dinkins after the mayor labeled three Puerto Rican "nationalists" who shot five members of Congress in 1954 "assassins." The radicals were members of a violent Puerto Rican terrorist group Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (FALN). The PRLDEF said the mayor’s comments "lacked sensitivity." Reuben Franco, President of the PRLDEF, said: "[Mayor Dinkins] doesn’t recognize that to many people in Puerto Rico, these are fighters for freedom and justice, for liberation, just as is Nelson Mandela, who himself advocated bearing arms.”

In 1990, the PRLDEF opposed a bill under consideration by the New York City Council that "would have required retailers to post at their storefronts English language signs explaining the nature of their businesses." A spokesman for the PRLDEF said the bill … would "create more animosity between different groups."

In 1991, the PRLDEF filed a lawsuit against a consortium of non-profit organizations in New York City seeking to renew some of the city’s worst slums by developing middle-class housing projects. The program had been enormously successful…. According to estimates, 80% of the new homeowners were African American, Asian or Hispanic. The PRLDEF argued that the city and state subsidies that helped drive the project should be allocated for low-income housing.

Lest one surmise that Sotomoyor’s connection to PRLDEF was superficial, Judicial Watch outlines her role as an activist working on their behalf and sums it up nicely:

In other words, Sonia Sotomayor was an active, aggressive participant in the PRLDEF’s activities during her tenure. She not only helped shape the organization’s liberal, activist public profile, but also helped set the legal agenda and manage the legal caseload.

Read the rest here, where (among other things) you’ll see that (surprise, surprise!) George Soros’ “Open Society Institute” provides these radical racists with funding.

I can’t wait for the Senate hearing. It’s her turn to be Borked.

1. ACORN whistleblower Anita Moncrief writes eloquently about Sotomayor and Obama’s “inherent racism” here at Hot Air’s Green Room.

2. The W.S.J. provides more details in “Sotomayor Helped Push Minority Cases” (H/T: Hot Air headlines)" such as this excerpt:

During her 12 years on its board of directors, the group fought to establish case law that would have allowed New Haven to throw out test results and at least one case seemed to foreshadow that specific dispute.

In a class-action complaint, the group alleged that New York City’s police sergeant’s exam was "discriminatory and not job related," according to the group’s 1987 report. To settle the litigation, the city agreed to provide "positions of sergeant consistent with the percentage of Hispanic test-takers. As a result almost 100 Hispanics were promoted, over twice the number that would have been promoted without the settlement," the group reported, adding that they received "backpay and retroactive seniority."


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