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"For us he is not president of the world but the president of the United States of America."

Posted by danishova on July 7, 2009

What? This is an outrage!  Reuters reports from Moscow:

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Barack Obama attempted to bridge the divisions of the Cold War with a new generation of Russian students on Tuesday, outlining a vision of a world made safer by closer ties between the Kremlin and Washington.

The U.S. president told students from Moscow’s New Economic School the future of Russia — and its relations with the United States — belonged to them.

"What kind of future is Russia going to have? What kind of future are Russia and America going to have together? What world order will replace the Cold War?" Obama said.

"Those questions still do not have clear answers, and so now they must be answered by you — by your generation in Russia, America, and around the world. You get to decide."

But a generation of apathetic young people who were born in the last days of the Soviet Union and who grew up in the chaos of the 1990s may care more about money than better relations with Washington.

The students of the school sat quietly and applauded only at the end of the 31-minute speech, which was delivered late because Obama’s meeting with Russia’s powerful prime minister, Vladimir Putin, went over time.

During other keynote speeches in Prague in April and Cairo in June, Obama was repeatedly applauded. His speech in Moscow was not carried live on the main Russian television channels, showing only on a cable news channel not seen by most.

"We are maybe the one country in the world where there is no Obamamania," Sergei Markov, a parliamentary deputy from the ruling United Russia party which Putin heads, told Reuters.

"For us he is not president of the world but the president of the United States of America."

Some flashbacks to prior coverage of Obama as the President of the World here  -  here and here.


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