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Blockade-busting Cynthia McKinney interviewed, removes all doubt that she’s a Useful Idiot

Posted by danishova on July 11, 2009

This is a surprisingly good (and entertaining) interview by Brenda Wood of Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, WXIA, filled with gems from the deposed Congresswoman.   Wood clearly isn’t buying McKinney’s idiotic assertions about her dangerous, epic failure at crayon diplomacy. Video available at link…

11Alive’s Brenda Wood sat down Friday afternoon with former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who recently returned to the United States after being detained by the Israeli military. McKinney was on a boat that attempted to breach an Israeli blockade on what the former DeKalb County Congresswoman said was a humanitarian mission. Israeli officials said McKinney’s actions were both irresponsible and a publicity stunt. McKinney says her actions were "pure" and to advance the cause of human rights by delivering aid to Gaza, particularly in the form of art supplies for children in the embattled region.

Aw, what a heroine she is, violating the law to deliver art supplies to Hamas in the name of “human rights”.

"They’ve dismissed it as a publicity stunt," said Wood. "How do you respond?"

"I wouldn’t spend anytime responding to that. The subject ought to be that Israel’s actions violate international law," McKinney replied. "And the subject ought to be, how can US policy change that particular fact. One thing that Congress and the president can do, is to not give — not one dollar, not one more weapon to the Israeli military machine."

One of the big questions people — including some posters on 11Alive.com’s message boards — have wanted to know is why McKinney did not use the generally accepted overland route to take aid to Gaza."But why didn’t you go the accepted route and take the humanitarian aid by land?" Wood asked.

“The aid isn’t getting isn’t getting in," McKinney said. "And the aid that does get in is certainly disproportionate to the need."

"Given your experience on December 30 (the first time McKinney attempted to run the Israeli blockade with aid for Gaza), you had to know going back on another boat into the same waters, that this was very likely to happen, or something close to it," Wood said. "Were you not anticipating this?"

"Israel violates international law, US law, and the laws of conscience," McKinney said in reply.

"One could argue that you violated Israeli law by trying to go through a naval blockade," Wood said in follow-up. "What is the difference — and are you above the law?""It’s a huge difference," McKinney replied. "And I’m glad you asked that question."

But McKinney never explained the difference. And the humanitarian aid she said was on board the ship? School supplies — paintbrushes, pencils, crayons.

"That is what each of the passengers on the boat had," McKinney said. "It was a last minute, urgent request: ‘please bring school supplies for the children.’ And so we had that. We also had medical supplies on board. Truly a humanitarian mission."

Crayon deliveries (like Stimulus packages) are urgent, urgent, urgent!  If there were medical supplies on board as she claims, why wouldn’t that be the emphasis of her self-described ‘humanitarian mission’?

"So, how were you detained?" Wood asked. "How were you treated?""I was treated as an illegally detained prisoner," she said.

"What does that mean?" Wood asked. "Were you treated like a lady? Were you treated with respect? Were you disrespected? Were you knocked down to the ground? Were you manhandled? How were you treated?"

"I think this entire episode is one of huge disrespect," McKinney said.

Don’t you dare diss Ms. CyMc!

She says they were in international waters. Israel begged to differ. She refused to sign a prison release document.
"Why wouldn’t you sign it?" Wood asked.

"’Cause it’s a lie," McKinney said. "It said we violated the law."

The Israeli Consulate to the Southeast says McKinney and crew endangered their safety by entering waters used by Hamas to smuggle arms and rockets to organizations continuing to target Israeli citizens.

"Israel’s actions violate international law," McKinney said.

"Of all the causes in the world, why this one?" asked Wood.

"Oh, my goodness, why not this one?" McKinney replied. "I’m fighting for peace, I’m fighting for justice, I’m fighting for human rights, and I’m fighting for dignity."

With crayons!

"But you can have the cause of justice and peace almost anywhere," Wood said. "Would you say that your cause is for the rights of the Palestinians?"

"My cause is for justice, and peace, and respect for human rights all over the planet," McKinney said. "I’m working for change in policy"

"Do you consider what you’ve done so far successful to some degree?" Wood asked.

"Well, the children didn’t get the crayons," McKinney said. "And it’s amazing to me that the world’s fourth most powerful military — which Israel is — feels threatened because the children of Gaza color with crayons."

"That’s sort of a simplistic way to put it," Wood said.

"It’s the truth," McKinney said.

"Do you really believe that?" Wood asked.

"That’s what happened to me, and that’s my story," McKinney replied.

It’s a story and I’m sticking to it.

With the not-forgotten political baggage of statements regarding "Jews" by her father, and the Arab donations to her campaign, 11Alive News also asked McKinney about charges by her detractors that she is anti-Semitic. "Your critics charge that you’re anti-Semitic. Are you?" asked Wood.

"The fact that you would have to ask such a question, clearly puts the lie to that," McKinney replied. "I care deeply about human rights. I care deeply about justice and peace."

There’s Lefty Logic for ya!  Merely asking a question makes you a liar. How convenient.

"Some call you unpatriotic, some call you crazy, some call you extreme, some call you not-in-touch, some call you a lunatic," said Wood. "Does it matter? Do you want to answer them?"

Ha! Don’t hold back, Brenda.

"In the end, once the facts are all known by all of the public — provided that the media will publicize the facts — I’ll also be called right," said McKinney.

Earlier in the day on Friday, 11Alive News spoke to the Jewish Federation of Atlanta about the McKinney situation and her comments.
"It’s unfortunate that Ms. McKinney and the group that she was associated with chose to go around the very legitimate way of getting aid to Gaza," said Jewish Federation president Steven Rakitt. "This is not about getting crayons to kids in Gaza, it’s about preventing weapons from getting into the hands of terrorists in Gaza."

Brenda asked McKinney if she’d try to go back to Gaza by boat a third time. And while McKinney didn’t give us a direct answer, she did seem to indicate that she would.

Note: I’ve corrected some spelling errors in the original transcript and changed some of the formatting


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