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Obama’s ‘Recovery and Reinvestment Act’ pie chart Magic!

Posted by danishova on July 22, 2009

So much for the “shovel ready” infrastructure jobs which were highlighted if Congress would just hurry, hurry, hurry and sign this “emergency” legislation.

From Recovery.gov (currently image 5)

“In Fiscal Year 2009, almost two-thirds of Recovery Act funding to states and localities will be in the health field; by FY 2012, the major portion of funding will shift to long-term economic growth opportunities in transportation, energy, and community development.”




Presto magico!  64% is spent on the “health field” in 2009, but by 2012 it’s only 1%!   How could that happen?  Perhaps it’s because (if passed) the nightmare of ObamaCare will start doling out bennies in 2013, so they’ll have oodles of money to spend and won’t need stimulus bucks anymore?

As for the so-called “stimulus” spending in the “health field” here’s a look at my state of Georgia.  Apparently “child care” ($82 million!), Medicaid dollars, WIC programs, “stroke and heart attack prevention programs” and the like count as stimulus spending in the “health field”.   Maybe all the 10.1% of workers who are out of work in Georgia can get jobs as baby sitters!   Yep, the economy is going to recover any day now.  (You can check the spending at your own state here).

But I’m left to wonder -  If things are so peachy keen, why does “income security” funding increase from 6% in 2009 to 17% in 2012? What is “income security” you ask? I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure this provides the answer:

Safety net programs: About 11 percent of the federal budget in 2008, or $313 billion, supported programs that provide aid (other than health insurance or Social Security benefits) to individuals and families facing hardship.

These programs include: the refundable portion of the earned-income and child tax credits, which assist low- and moderate-income working families through the tax code; programs that provide cash payments to eligible individuals or households, including Supplemental Security Income for the elderly or disabled poor and unemployment insurance; various forms of in-kind assistance for low-income families and individuals, including food stamps, school meals, low-income housing assistance, child-care assistance, and assistance in meeting home energy bills; and various other programs such as those that aid abused and neglected children.

More Obama magic!  Refundable tax credits are a payments to people who don’t pay taxes.  And that’s just for starters. How convenient that these payouts to his most loyal constituents will occur in 2012, just in time for Barack to run for re-election and (as Rush has been saying) return “the nation’s wealth to its rightful owners”.


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