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Barack Obama’s “government model for healthcare”?: The Veterans Administration!

Posted by danishova on July 30, 2009

Be afraid, very afraid.  I  found this indirectly via Ed Morrissey’s Obamateurism of the day, where Barack brags that stimulus bucks are helping families afford cupcakes.  Ed links to U.S.A. Today’s report on the “highlights” of  Marie Antoinette Obama’s town hall meeting in Raleigh, NC, which includes this stunner:

12:45 p.m. – A businesswoman with 20 employees asks Obama: What is your government model for health care? Obama cites Medicare and the Veterans Administration, saying both government-run health programs get good ratings.

The Veterans Administration????  Is he serious?  Here’s Glenn Beck recounting the horrors of V.A. healthcare:



Michelle Malkin blogged about the dismal record of the Veterans Administration in 2007. 

What on Earth is Obama thinking? Is he uninformed or…?


If it’s the latter, I do hope the Commander in Chief isn’t stuck with the V.A. psychiatric care he recommends as a “highly rated model” for the rest of us.


Here’s a link to a June 23rd floor speech by Rep. Ted Poe (R – Texas) on the horrors of V.A. care. (Only the cached version is available at the moment…)


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