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Right wing mobster disrupts meeting with Congressman Scott (D) in Georgia

Posted by danishova on August 6, 2009

Oh-oh. Cameras were not allowed at this town meeting in Douglasville, Georgia with Congressman David Scott, but someone filmed this surreptitiously. Who will report this unruly usurper to the White House snitch line before Sen. John Cornyn shuts it down?



Here’s another video where a Brooks Brothers attired mobster is confronted by angry policeman who accuses the insurgent of “being a jerk” for trying to film the proceedings.  Tilt your laptops!


A report of the meeting is available from the Douglas County Sentinel (h/t Just Grits)* The comments provide helpful details, and many take issue with the Sentinel’s reporter’s assessment of the event, which failed to mention any angry reaction from Congressman Scott.  Here’s a sample (emphasis mine):

Up next was the Dr. Hill and what this man said was eye opening for anyone who is on the fence about HR3200. He stated facts and figures from Massachusetts and then asked the Congressman if he would vote for the bill. The Congressman stated "I’m undecided." He then asked if the congressman had read the bill. At this point the Congressman and his staff went unhinged and the Congressman stood up and started shouting down his constituents saying we had "Hijacked the meeting and how can he read the bill if there is not one." This was something I found very strange because I was able to find a bill online known as H.R. 3200 Americans Affordable Health Choice Act of 2009. How can one Hijack a meeting when we waited very patiently for our turn? The Congressman then stated loudly that if we wanted to talk to him about health care we should set up a meeting. Ten or so citizens stated that they had talked to Isaac and could not get one. Man if looks could kill Isaac would be in a lot of trouble. Isaac then turned to the people recording the event and moved his hands in the "Cut" motion as if he was saying stop recording this. The final question was from the Dr. again "Do you support a public option health care program?" The response was "YES" The city manager said the meeting was adjourned and the Congressman was lead out of the hall with his staff and local police surrounding him with citizens in tow stating they their question was not answered.

Here’s another:

After waiting patiently for over 3 hours someone got up and asked about HR 3200 (Health Care Reform Bill). Congressman Scott raised his voice at the crowd and accused people of trying to "hi-jack" the meeting. A couple of people tried to ask questions to the Congressman but were called out of order by Mr. Osbourne and told they will be removed from the room if they persist. The doctor told the Congressman that he has tried to schedule a meeting about health care with his office but has been unsuccessful. Congressman Scott stated that no such call has been made to his office. At that time the doctor said yes he has and was called out of order and removed from the room. It was ugly.


Additional comments added. Also – to clarify, this meeting was filmed for the local public access channel (My Citi TV.) but apparently private citizens were not permitted to film it.

*I thought that “Just Grits” was the name of the blog I H/T’d above, but the correct name is  Obi’s Sister. And a fine blog it is too!

Hot Air has Atlanta’s NBC affiliate WXIA’s reportage of the event, and Allahpundit provides reliably excellent commentary. I should have linked to this yesterday, but it’s Summertime and the living is easy busy.

Heh. Atlanta’s own Cynthia Tucker asserts that  “45-65%” of Obamacare protesters are raaaacists who “aren’t comfortable with a black president”.  I don’t know the identity of the man in the video above, but it would be interesting to hear his take on this allegation. (H/T Hot Air headlines).


5 Responses to “Right wing mobster disrupts meeting with Congressman Scott (D) in Georgia”

  1. ARESAY said

    Comrade you are the eyes and ears of the revolution. Report your neighbor now. If you don’t have a computer there is a hot line setup at 1-800-USA-4KGB

  2. Thanks for the link. Actually the blog is called “Obi’s Sister” even though the domain name is “justgrits”. Long story.

    Just added the link back to you …

  3. […] Right wing mobster disrupts meeting with Congressman Scott (D) in Georgia « Danishova said, […]

  4. Heidi said

    I am finally afraid…

    Does this guy, Scott, have a facebook or twitter page? Post this on this page.

  5. […] Right wing mobster disrupts meeting with Congressman Scott (D) in Georgia […]

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