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“It seems the only play the President knows how to run is a hollow PR blitz”

Posted by danishova on February 12, 2010

Rep. Tom Price, M.D. Georgia, who has 20 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon, is fighting mad over Obama’s inept, devious handling of the health care debate.  From a February 8th press release:

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement in response to reports that the President has invited Republican leaders to a summit relating to his misguided health care plan.

“It seems the only play the President knows how to run is a hollow PR blitz,” said Chairman Price. “Republicans welcome honest discussion, but this event reeks of political gamesmanship. Throughout this debate, Republicans have been stiff-armed from participating, our plans ignored, and our ideas blatantly misrepresented. It’s quite telling that only now, once the President’s plan is considered to be on political life support, does the White House seek input from Republicans.

Read the rest here.

Today, he followed this up with a smashing editorial for The Hill’s Congress Blog (Cross-posted at Big Government). It begins:

Oh, the President must be really desperate
After repeating for months that Republicans have no solutions when it comes to health care reform, he now wants to discuss the very ideas he denied existed and has invited Republican leaders to the White House to find a “bipartisan” health care solution. How gracious of him.
You’ll have to excuse us for questioning the sincerity of the President’s newfound desire to work together. As Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, virtually every week in 2009, we requested to meet with the President to discuss health care and other central issues. Each time, a polite “thank you” email from the White House was the extent of our bipartisan discussions.  It’s interesting that only now – once his big-government dream is on political life support – does the President see a use for Republicans.  And it appears that use may be more political than rooted in policy goals.

Read the rest here.


One Response to ““It seems the only play the President knows how to run is a hollow PR blitz””

  1. Matthew said

    Chicago politics at its finest

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