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Sarah Palin slaughters Lady Liberty

Posted by danishova on October 21, 2010

The persecution of Sarah Palin continues. I found this lovely piece of graphic art/propaganda via a Facebook Friend:

The exhibit is called “Art is a weapon!”.  Will they be serving Mooseburgers Lady Liberty Burgers, or is this a Vegan only event? I wish I still lived in New York City so I could attend the slide show and report back on it (and the audience reception). Would it be better to remain incognito or don a “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt?  (Saturday, October 23rd should any curious readers live in the vicinity)!

I wish I could say that my facebook friend is stupid or ignorant. He’s not. He’s actually brilliant, but like so many in his circle (which I would categorize as upper-class/Boho/elite) he has been indoctrinated into the sort of Leftist groupthink that manages to make dullards out of geniuses.  

I wish I could say that these artists are merely college sophomores peddling their sophomoric ideas. But it turns out that while they call themselves “subversives” they are solidly in the ‘mainstream’ of the art world (and no doubt I’m a yahoo for not being familiar with their work).  Here are the facebook autobiographies of the artists (emphasis mine):

Subversive visions of two Native New Yorkers will be projected to live music, as Eric Drooker explores his years as a street artist in Manhattan, creating graphic novels, paintings, and his infiltration of the mainstream.
Best known for his New Yorker covers, Drooker recently designed the animation for the feature film, HOWL.

Joining Drooker will be Zina Saunders, another NY native, whose work can be seen in national magazines and newspapers like Mother Jones (current cover!), The New York Times, The Progressive (current cover!), The Nation, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal, and The New Republic.

Here is Eric Drooker’s website, with his prolific New Yorker portfolio.  He’s clearly a very talented artist.  Meanwhile, his colleague, Zina Saunders (who ironically, was hired by the WSJ to do a very nice portrait of Andrew Breitbart) really has a thing for Sarah Palin (don’t miss the animated version at her website):

“A confused & Frightened citizenry votes against its own self-interest”? “They say they’re taking back America but really they’re taking your money!!!”

Really? We’re taking their money?!!  How does that work exactly, Zina?  I wish you’d confer with your comrades at Mother Jones and get back to me with a precise explanation.

Ms. Saunders repeatedly uses this cartoonish “Republicans are monsters theme”.  McCain is Frankenstein’s monster!  Sharon Angle wants to blow things up! (Er, shouldn’t that be Bill Ayers in that illustration?).  Gitmo is a torture chamber

But back to Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin wants to slaughter Liberty!  She wants to take away our freedom! She’s an alien who wants to crush the middle class!  This is so demonstrably wrong that it would be amusing if not for the fact that this portrayal of Governor Palin as a monster is so widespread, and so unquestioningly accepted, that it’s actually, dare I say, ‘dangerous’.   Yep, it’s dangerous because history has shown time and again that Lenin was right when he said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”.  And sadly these artists are not merely being paid to spread someone else’s propaganda messages. They are clearly true believers. 


(11/8) The Mother Jones Cover is now a story at The Blaze


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