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Paging Bill Maher: Did Obama Dabble in Hare Krishna?

Posted by danishova on October 2, 2010



Obama shows off Hanuman monkey god.

Bill Maher has tried to shock us, but has mostly entertained us, with news that Christine O’Donnell dabbled in Hare Krishna but gave it up because, as she quipped:

"I would have become a Hare Krishna, but I didn’t want to become a vegetarian. And that is honestly the reason why, because I’m Italian and I love meatballs."

Om, I mean, um, a quick scan of the internets reveals that Barack Obama carried a Hanuman trinket with him for “good luck” during the 2008 campaign.  The text accompanying a Time Magazine photo reveals:

Amongst the things that Barack Obama carries for good luck are a bracelet belonging to a soldier deployed in Iraq, a gamblers lucky chit, a tiny monkey god and a tiny Madonna and child.


This was welcome news to the worldwide Hindu community, who rejoiced and sent a large monkey-god sculpture to Obama as a token of their appreciation.

"We have heard that he carries a small monkey charm in his pocket. So he is a devotee of Hanuman. That’s why we want to present him with this idol," he said.

Mr Bhama and his friends have also invited Carolyn Sauvage-Mar, chairwoman of the group, Democrats Abroad-India, to a meeting they are holding on Tuesday to pray for Mr Obama’s success.

The Delhi-based group registers voters, sponsors events and occasionally hosts Democratic Party leaders visiting India.

No word as to whether this voter registration group is affiliated with International ACORN, but I digress.

Reuters has video of this story:



And Al Gore’s Current TV was on it with the headline:

Obama turns to Hanuman (Hindu Monkey God) for blessing

Elsewhere, Gaura Vani, a Hare Krishna musician, performed in honor of Barack:

…to a jubilantly dancing crowd at the Church of the Holy City in Washington, D.C., who had gathered to celebrate President Obama’s inauguration.

Alas, rumors that Obama chanted Hare Krishna cannot be verified because the video is no longer available “due to a copyright claim from Sony ASV publishing”.  No doubt Bill Maher is sorely disappointed that he can’t get his hands on this vid ‘cause he is nothing if not fair and balanced.

And as far as we know, Obama, whose preference as husband of the Health Nut Czarina is not for meatballs but for 5 Guys Cheeseburgers, never gave up meat either.  I’m sure there’s a joke there somewhere, one so bad it could bring down the White House, which has had to deal with “the toughest times any president could face”, but has not yet endured anything as challenging as the devastating mockery of Bill Maher.


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Democrats who dabble in Witchcraft

Posted by danishova on September 20, 2010



In light of the kerfuffle over Christine O’Donnell "dabbling in Witchcraft" as a teen, just for the heck of it I Googled "Wiccans for Obama" and struck gold at the Organizing for Obama website, where we learn “Wiccans for Obama is making a difference together”.

A little more dabbling in Google and I found that there’s a bumper sticker too, and it’s being advertised to keep Republicans out of the W.H. in 2012 so this particular coven is still active:

In 2008, we kicked Bush out of office. In 2012, America is returning Barack Obama to the GOP-Free White House

The presidential campaign of 2008 and the inauguration of 2009 were opportunities to begin a period of strong progressive activism. To cement progress and accomplish more, we must resist the effort to elect a Republican president in 2012.

Brought to you by Irregular Times, New White House provides activist supplies for the long road of the campaigns to return Barack Obama to the Oval Office. There is much reason for hope, but let’s not drop the ball just before we reach the end zone. The Republicans are putting all their resources behind the presidential campaign of ne’er do wells like Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty, thinking that they can just restart with 4 years of the same old failed policies they forced on the USA under George W. Bush. It is time to end the Republican Reign Of Error once and for all, with every one of us working together to ensure victory in 2012.

Meanwhile we know that Obama officials dabble in Mao, and radical population control methods, just as Chris Coons dabbles in Liberation Theology which dabbles in Marxism (and like all good Marxists, dabbles in thuggery), and friends of Obama dabble in domestic terrorism and talking about throwing people in concentration camps…

Indeed, this is so much fun and the possibilities are so infinite, the Tea Party and the RNC should call a truce, unite, and present a new board game called “Dabble”.  


Democrats/Obama Supporters of the Pagan/Wiccan World Unite!  They also have a “booster club”.

Oh no!! Wiccan community upset with O’Donnell.

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